KN95 filter

Extra Inlay Filters

Do all you can to protect yourself and others

Why is adding a filter to a face mask a good idea?

When the decision to wear a face mask is taken, it is preferable to use the best available. Something is better than nothing.... Yet, we all strive for the best protection in the given circumstances.

Many of the disposable simple face masks offer only limited protection for the simple reason that they do not seal very well around the face. And they can be somewhat porous. So droplets have a way to find our nose and mouth. 

A quality cloth face mask offers much better protection since it makes a decent seal with our skin.

To increase the filtration characteristic of the face mask, it is advisable to insert an extra (replaceable) inlay filter. Adding an extra inlay offers enhanced protection.

Filters are available in many different protection levels. This table shows how all filters compare. It also includes all norms for Europe, the USA and China.


ffp2 filter table

For more details on filter comparisons, vist this link.



Duuja offers only the best filters available based on European norms. Our filters are of the USA/China (K)N95 class (which is equivalent to the FFP2 standard in Europe).

Why take the risk? Get yourself and your loved ones a cloth face mask, and add an KN95 inlay filter for extra protection.