Glasses wearers

No more fogged-up lenses

Are you wearing glasses, and are you tired of the fogged-up lenses while wearing a facial mask?


 Beslagen glazen


Why do my lenses fog up? This is caused by the fact that the face mask (cloth, medical or self-made) does not form a perfect seal with your face. Warm breath escapes at the top and the moisture in it condenses on the lenses.


Duuja face masks have an extra long, strong wire as mose-clip. The nose-clip can closely follow the contours of nose and cheek. This the cloth does not leave a large gap, and thus the condensing problem is significantly reduced.


In comparison with other (cloth or disposable) masks another differentiating factor with Duuja masks can be noticed:

  • other masks often have a short clip which only wraps aroun the top part of the nose
  • the clip is mostly made of a thin wire (similar to the ones used to close a sandwhich bag). This does not have neough holding power to achieve a permanent contact with the skin.


A trick which might help for a few hours is washing the lenses with soapy water. Do not rinse afterwards. By leaving a small layer of soap on the lens, the surface tension is reduced (surfactant effect). Thus the water does not form small droplets (= fogging up), but spreads in a very thin (transparent) layer. Duuja face masks are supplied with long cords/elastic which can be used to eliminate the elastic behind the ears. Especially glasses wearers and users of hearing aids prefer to fix the cords/elastic behind the ears as opposed to behind the ears.


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