Cloth Face Mask - Gray

Cloth Face Mask - Gray

Comfortable cloth face mask to help protect against Corona transmission. Double layer 100% Oekotex cotton.
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  • Cloth face mask to help protect against Corona/COVID-19 contamination.
  • Non-medical use.
  • Package includes long bands (or elastic) with cord stoppers to fix mask behind the head.
  • Mask with long nose clip for better sealing against the nose and cheeks (optimal for glasses wearers).
  • 100% oekotex cotton.
  • Pocket which allows inserting an optional FFP2 filter (one free filter is included in the package).
  • Including 2 Airboxes.
  • Mask usage makes it less likely we will inhale an airborne droplet which contains the virus.
  • Mask usage makes it less likely that when we cough or sneeze, that droplets exit from our nose and mouth, thus protecting others around us.
  • Since our mouth and nose are not exposed, it makes it less likely that we will be touching them with our fingers.
  • A mask adds protection with a higher chance of keeping any virus case load to a level where our immune system can cope with it.
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LT01: 70% wool, 15% polyester, 10% polyamide, 5% acrylic 900 Grms/mt

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