Cambridge University Study

Cambridge University Study

"The use of a cloth face mask is far better than not using any face mask at all"

In this link, you will find the results of a 2009 study done by the University of Cambridge regarding the effectiveness of cloth face masks.

Another, similar study was done by a research group in the Netherlands in 2008. Those results can be viewed here.  


Both studies were performed as a result of the bird flew crisis at the time. The bird flew virus was similar to the corona COVID-10 virus.                 


This video was recorded by the Technical University of Delft in the Netherlands on July 3, 2020 clearly shows the difference in leakage between cheap or disposable masks and dubbel-layered cloth cotton masks. It is clear that (good) cloth face maks perform much better and protect you and everyone around you.


The fit is of crucial importance. The face mask should have the correct szie for the face. And the form shoul be such that is closely follows the face contours. Especially it is important that the cloth follows the shape of the nose. 


Many of the cheaper cloth masks have a straight top line from cheek to cheek. And in addition the weak and short nose clips do not help either. The Duuja masks explicitly extend towards the nose. In combination with the sturdy nose-clip this results in more comfort and a better seal, and hence more protection.

mask good

Duuja face masks are available in 4 sizes for an optimal face fit. Usingthe optional FFP2 filter further enhances your protection.

mask bad
A face mask without good fit offers inferior protection. These are the cheap masks which are sold on any street corner. What is the value of your health and that of those around you?

Conclusion: both studies confirmed that the cloth face masks work quite well!


Using a good quality cloth face mask is important to fight the virus. Selecting cheap, inferior masks is in nobody's interest..