Airbox: More room - Easier breathing and speaking - Sizes - Prices

More space in your face mask with an Airbox. That constrained feeling with a face mask is completely gone.

Breathing and speaking is much easier. Which is especially nice during prolonged use of a face mask.

By keeping the cloth of a mask away from skin and lips, there is a significant reduction of stains from lipstick or make-up. The Airbox is made of soft hypoallergenic PE material. Almost everyone will be able to use this.

Our Airboxes are available in various sizes to ensure anyone can have a well fitting Airbox.




In addition we offer a mixed starter package which contain 2x S, 2x M en 2x L (6 in total) Airboxes.


Each Duuja face mask contains two FREE Airboxes.

Airboxes are sold in packages of 6 units for £ 6,90 (all sizes). The Airboxes can be used in any face mask. Also in other cloth face masks and disposable masks.
airbox sizes
The Airbox is available in 3 sizes

Which size Airbox?
This depends on how the airbox is worn. The L size is usually worn over nose and mouth by people with a larger face. The M size can be worn in two ways:
  • Covering nose and mouth (by persons with a regualr sized face).
  • Only covering the mouth. The top rim rests on the skin between lip and nose. People with a longer face tend to appreciate this method.


Younger people are best served with the S version. People with a smallish face can also wear the S-size covering just the mouth (see description for L-size above).

Fixing in place

The Airbox sits loose in my face mask. That is not always practical when removing the mask. Can this be improved?

It is easy to attach the Airbox to a cloth mask. Follow these steps:

  • Hold the face mask with the Airbox on your face. Determine the most comfortable position for the airbox.
  • Remove the mask together woth the Airbox (take care that they do not shift ).
  • The sides of the Airbox have 'ears' with a hole in it. Mark these on the filter compartment.
  • In the package you will find a number of safety pins.
  • From the inside of the filter compartment, stick the pins towrads the outer side and through the hole in the Airbox ear.
  • Ready -  now the face mask can be used without worrying about a losse Airbox.


Another possibility is to sew the Airbox to the inside filter cloth. 

The Airbox can be cleaned with water and soap. Or it can be put in the dishwasher.
Airbox attached with pin heads
Airbox attached with pin heads
Airbox sewn to cloth facemask
Airbox sewn to cloth facemask
If the Airbox is sewn to the cloth face mask then it will go with it in the washing machine.



The Airbox is made of 100% soft hypoallergenic Polyethylene. This is a pure materiaal which is used a lot in implants.


Facemasks are a chore. Now with an Airbox the wearing comfort of a face mask significantly increases.