About Us

About us

Combining passion and need


Duuja is part of the Visio-RX group. Our core business is the production and sale of prescription glasses on line. Selling online is nothing new for us.


We started selling glasses online in 2011. The corona virus crisis has also impacted our core business.


In order to assist with the production of face masks for people in many countries, we have retooled part of our production facilities and are now making face masks to provide extra protection against the spread of the corona virus.


You will find our motto below. This equally applies to everything we do with our Duuja mask division.

On our Visio glasses sites we state:

Passion and specialism are second nature for us at Visio-Rx. This is not "just" an online optical shop, but rather a team of specialists on an eyewear mission. An almost obsessive focus on enthusiastic service is what drives us; aiming for knowledgeable advice and great glasses - at wonderful prices to boot. Visio-Rx takes buying eyewear online to an advanced level. Obviously, we want our customers to be satisfied, but rather we`d like for you to be in awe.
Our team at Duuja is fully committed to apply this exact same philosophy to this new initiative to get protective materials to any and all.


A few of our divisions introduce themselves

Since 2012, Visio-Rx has been operating online glasses websites in various countires. We pride ourselves on providing high quality frames and lenses, Our specialty lies in delivering superior progressive lenses and ensuring a correct vertical lens placement.


Both hosts and guests will buy their new quality glasses for very competitive prices. Select your new glasses in the comfort of your own home.


We are a glasses manufacturer. Due to our sales numbers and direct distribution (without intermediaries and without expensive high street shops) it is possible to offer prescription glasses for low prices - while maintaining a high quality.


With the MediApp we offer the possibility to receive your medical consultation via mobile phone or tablet (only available in the German language).